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Worklog started for StoneNotes

We have started a worklog for our "new" StoneNotes product on the dedicated website for it:

StoneNotes is a personal information management/personal database/personal computing platform currently under development. Here's a quick preview of the current development version, showing some of the recently added capabilities such as templates (the form on the right) and differently themed sticky notes.

Preview of dev version of StoneNotes, click to read more!

Posted on 31st Dec 2019 21:37:59 in Development

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Making a Self Updating Application in Basic (Xojo)

Coding Airways is a new series with the goal of showing a realistic version of development. I want to show the full process of programming and the messy reality of the profession, but at the same time educate and help other developers.

Posted on 23rd Oct 2019 14:08:39 in Video, nnSocialFocusTimer, Development

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