Near North Software

Latest Projects

StoneNotes Matrix / StoneNotes 2023

Github Project

A new experimental version of our notes and personal information management system StoneNotes, with a UI built around matrix/grid layouts.


Github Project, mvNotebook on

A simple, tabbed notebook with Rich Text notes.

PocketBase Application Template

Github Project

A Go wrapper for the PocketBase single file database system, with a Docker setup for execution. Great starting point for custom PocketBase development and extensions, and the foundation of our upcoming PocketBase hosting service. (For early access, contact us via the Contact Form to express your interest!)

Infinite Indie Sandbox

Github Project

The aim of Infinite Indie Sandbox is to capture the eternal, endless dream of creating your own world and sharing it with others. Inspired by the now defunct toys-to-life video game genre, but with an all-digital premise and open-source development.

Additional Projects

You can also find a list of projects and open source contributions by visiting the following github address: