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Near North Screenshots — Windows beta released!

August 17, 2019

We have just released the first Windows version of Near North Screenshots!

Social Focus Timer — released

August 17, 2019

Near North Software is proud to announce Social Focus Timer, a great tool for anyone who wants to focus on their work.

Near North Screenshots — 1.3.0 released

June 28, 2019

Near North Screenshots now provides a powerful PDF reporting system which will allow you to create custom reports of your time entries and activities.

Near North Screenshots — 1.2.0 released

March 16, 2019

Near North Screenshots now has built in timesheet editing capabilities, bundle and scripting support, improved dark mode support, and an improved timeline based interface for browsing your day.

Near North Screenshots — Dark Mode

January 13, 2019

Near North Screenshots now fully supports macOS Mojave's awesome dark mode!

Near North Software launches!

September 17, 2018

Welcome to the all new Near North Software.

Our first application is Near North Screenshots for macOS. This program automatically records a series of screenshots at a set interval to make timesheet entry and reflection easier.

Please check back often as we plan to release a new program once per quarter.

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And finally, have a great day!

— The Near North Software Team